Authorized Cambridge English Assessment Status for PakTurk

PakTurk International Schools and Colleges are awarded the status of authorized centre for Cambridge English Language Assessments. Now the students of PakTurk will appear in world famous English language assessments like YLE's, KET, PET, FCE and CPE.

Pakistan's First and "Only" Oxford Quality Schools

PakTurk International Schools and Colleges are awarded the status of Oxford Quality School.

PakTurk Won Gold Medal in Teaching Knowledge Competitions

Congratulations to Head Department of English, Mr. Suhail Aziz for winning Gold Medal in 1st International Teaching Knowledge Competition.

English Department Professional Development Workshop

A week full of learning, sharing and fun is going to start on March 17 2013. It is time for English Department intensive refresher workshops which will be held at Karachi and Islamabad on March 17-23, 2013 "


English week was celebrated at PakTurk Boys Campus Clifton Karachi from Aug 26, 2013 to Sep 02, 2013. All the students participated with spirit and enthusiasm.

PakTurk Students Enjoyed Summer Camp USA

A group of students joined a seventeen-day summer school program at New York USA, organized for the students of PakTurk International Schools and Colleges. They are accompanied by Mr. Mustafa Yilmaz, Deputy Director Education at PakTurk ICEF. The program is being held in the campus of Hofsta University which is the biggest private university in New York.

English Week at PakTurk Quetta

A week full of learning, sharing and fun was celebrated at PakTurk Quetta Boys Branch. Many fun filled activities made this week memorable for the students

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Living Rain-forest organizes a “Global Essay Competition’ which invites school children to outline their ideas on different issues. This year’s theme was ‘sustainable living’ and the steps needed for societies to achieve them”.

This year saw a record level of participation, with registrations received from 73 countries and 1094 contestants entered in the competition.

Like last year, PakTurk International School and Colleges once again proved their creative skills by becoming the only schools from Pakistan with students in finalist and honourable mention categories.

Our students Fatima Abbas; Maaz Ahmed; M. Musab Ali Memon; Danish Harwani; Mohammad Dawood Ali Memon, Salar Inam Bhatti and Soonh Inam  are among the finalists now and will be considered for Grand prizes. The announcements of grand prize winners will be made in July this year.
The students with honourable mention prize are  Eshah Eman; Iqra Khalid; Faheera Ghaus; Alizah Murtaza Dayo; Ghulam-e-Raza; Abdul Rehman Nagi; Esma Betul Erguvan; Abdul Wasay and  Rameen Khizar. 
The standard seems to keep rising every year and we received many strong entries, making it quite a challenge to single out individual entries for special mention. In the end, the original voices tended to stand out. 

The Judges are still deliberating and need a few more days to select the Grand Prize Winner and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize Winners in each category from the identified Finalists. The names of the Grand Prize Winner and 1st/2nd/3rd Prize Winners will be announced at the 2014 International Schools Debates at The Living Rainforest, UK on July 8-11.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Creative Writing by PakTurk Students

A blog meant for featuring our Cambridge Section students' creative work. Join us here to help spark your imagination further. Stories, essays, articles and poetry will be accommodated here from all around. We'll take pleasure in appreciating others' work as well.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

English Department Workshops 2014

The much awaited English Department Workshops are scheduled in the month of March and April. The teachers from Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, and Peshawar will participate in the workshops at Islamabad on 27-29 March 2014, while the teachers from Karachi, Quetta, Khairpur, Jamshoro and Hyderabad will participate in the workshops to be held in Karachi on 31st March to 2nd April 2014.

Trainers from England will come and lead the workshops. This year our junior schools adopted brand new English book recently published by OUP. English teachers will get an insight of this book in these workshops.  

Friday, January 10, 2014


No one can deny the fact that computer has become an integral part of our lives. The young generation should be guided about the proper usage of this useful invention. This education is not only given in the classroom atmosphere but it could also be given through co-curricular activities.
A debate contest was organized at H-8 Junior Section Islamabad. The topic of the debate was “Is Computer really a useful invention?” The young students presented their arguments in a magnificent manner. 

Those in favour of the motion tried to prove their point by highlighting the importance of computer in all walks of life while the ones in opposition stressed that the negative effects of the computer are more than its benefits.  

The jury, comprising of, Mr. Ahmet Kester, Dy Director Education (Primary) and Mr. Suhail Aziz, Head Department of English appreciated the students for their excellent performance. The principal of the school Mr. Ahmet Efeturk congratulated the organizers of the program and the teachers for their hard work.    

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cambridge English Workshop at PakTurk Lahore Main Campus

PakTurk International Schools and Colleges have always strived hard to polish up the abilities of its teachers. For this purpose, it organizes different workshops under the aegis of PakTurk Academy of Teaching and Learning Excellence (PATLE) in collaboration with international training institutions.
PakTurk International Schools and Colleges are awarded the status of authorized centre for Cambridge English Language Assessments. Now the students of PAKTURK will appear in English language assessments like YLE's, KET and PET. In order to familiarize the teachers to the Cambridge English Exam, a two day workshop was organized at PAKTURK International Schools and Colleges, Main Campus Lahore from 23rd to 24th December. Tina Hameed, a renowned educationist and teacher trainer along with Sannia Hussain, another renowned teachers trainer lead the workshop. Amir Baig, the school sector manager of Cambridge English Language Assessment was also present on the occasion. They explained the background of Cambridge ESOL tests to the participants besides introducing the test format.

 The training program was attended by English faculty members of PakTurk Lahore and Multan. All the participants appreciated the opportunity provided to them and felt the need for more such workshops in future.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Second Teaching Methodology Contest

Zambak Education & Consultancy, PATLE (PakTurk Academy of Teaching & Learning Excellence) and PakTurk International Educational Foundation are organizing 2nd Teaching Contest. In first Teaching Competition, Mr. Suhail Aziz got GOld Medal in English Teaching category

Aim of the Contest
Each subject has its own language that gives us a particular message. This message should provide a chance to explore different approaches of teaching.
The lesson should be related to real life (related with the real life applications of the information given in the lesson). It should be taught in such a way that the information gained will stay in the minds of the learners on permanent basis and will encourage systematic approach towards learning.

The Scope of the Contest
This contest is the lecture contest for the following branches, in the actual classroom environment where students are present, for primary and high school level.

International Category
1.   Turkish
2.   English
3.   Mathematics
4.   Physics
5.   Chemistry
6.   Biology
7.   Computer Studies
8.    Pre-School
9. Primary Class Teachers
National Category
1.       Urdu
2.       Islamiat
3.       Social / Pakistan Studies

How to participate:
·         Shoot a video of your lesson in classroom environment and send it to the contest organization committee before the last date.
·         In Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science subjects, the primary schools teachers can also participate. However, if the lesson is taught in the classes 1 to 5, it will be considered for class teacher category otherwise it will be considered among the respective subjects categories. The category should be mentioned clearly by the school administration.
·         For Turkish language, junior and middle school teaching will be considered in only one category. The beginner level will not be considered for the competition.
·          For English and Turkish category the teachers will be considered in the subject category regardless of class and age group of the students.
For each subject in International Category:
·         1st Position (Gold Medal) $ 2000
·         2nd  Position (Silver Medal) $ 1500
·         3rd  Position (Bronze Medal)  $ 1000
·         4th Position (Honorable Mention) $ 500
·         Special Prize announced by the jury
For each subject in National Category:
1st position                          Android Tablet
2nd Position                         Android Tablet
3rd Position                         Rs. 15000/-

Contest Schedule
Contest application deadline (video images to reach the contest organization committee last date): 30 December 2013
The jury's assessments completion and results announcement date:  30 April 2014

Terms & Conditions:
1.This contest is being held among the teachers working in PakTurk International Schools & Colleges.
2. Participation in the contest shall be through your Institution.  Participating videos will be sent by the school administration to the Head Office. Entries sent by an individual directly to the Head Office will not be entertained.
3. The videos already sent for competition can’t be submitted again.
4. The Lessons already used can’t be used again.  
5. Complete video should be recorded in one go.
6. Life-based examples should have link with the topic of the lesson.
7. Any religious message should not be given directly.
8. Life-based examples/message time duration (start-end time) should be mentioned by the teacher concerned.
9. If no lesson is worth giving first position award, then the second position will be awarded. In case there is no lesson worth getting 2nd position then it will start from the 3rd and so on. Jury decision will be final and can’t be challenged.
10. Participants of the competition will not claim any copyrights over their presentation videos.
11. Contest organizing committee reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the contest without prior notice.

General Criteria for Video Shooting
1.  Professional shooting techniques should be considered for video recordings.
2. Both students and teachers have to be seen in video shooting.
3. Video shooting can be made by professional fixed cameras or by mobile cameras which have proper resolution as well.
4. While shooting a video, make sure that its size is suitable for uploading as FTP file.
5. In order to convey a better idea about classroom teaching skills, at least two cameras are to be used for video capturing. It is also recommended to send the videos after necessary editing and mixing.

Video Recording Criteria
1.       While recording a lesson, modern recording techniques should be considered.
2.       During recording the teacher and the students should be visible.
3.       For making videos alongwith professional cameras, the cameras with good resolution can also be used.
4.       For better sound quality, collar microphones may be used.
5.       Videos should be sent as one .MP4 file. Other formats will not be accepted.
6.       The file should not exceed 250MB in size. If bigger, then it should be converted in some other format to make it less than 250 MB.
7.       No sound or video effects should be used in the recording other than those which are used in the lesson.

General criteria related to recording lessons    
 1. A lesson of 25 to 35 for pre-schools while for all others 40/ 45 minutes shall be prepared. Too short or too long lessons will not be accepted.
2. It should also be noted that modern teaching methods and techniques should be applied during the lesson.

How to label video shootings
1- From the schools, video shooting has to be labeled in English small letters like this:
‘subject name_ name of branch_ competitor’s last name
For example: If someone is from Multan whose last name is Ilbay and who is an English teacher, it should be labeled as:

Evaluation Criteria
Presentation Techniques (Total: 30 marks)
1) Lesson plan and its integrity. (4 points)
2)  Introduction to lesson by associating daily life examples. (4 points)
3)  Basic concepts of the concerned subject should be emphasized. (4 points)
4) Active participation of students has to be ensured. (5 points)
5)  Adopting appropriate methodology for different level learners. (5 points)
6) Checking comprehension through some feedback methods. (4 points)
7) Assigning homework and projects at the end of lecture. (4 points)

B. Use of technology and support material (Total: 30 marks)
1) Using printed support material (like course book, posters, flash cards etc.) actively. (10 points)
2) Using three-dimensional support material (like experiment, project, realia, game material etc.) actively. (10 points)
3) Using video, animation, audio etc. effectively. (10 points)

C.   Associating with the real life (Total: 40 marks)
(Lessons which do not lead to gain the ability of systematic thinking, contemplation, associating to real life , will not be evaluated and will be excluded from the category. ) Giving direct religious message will also disqualify the participant. The real life applications should be:
1) Supporting the main theme of the lesson (5 points)
2) Interspersing with the flow of lecture (5 points)
3) Suitable for students level (6 points)
4) Directing correctly (6 points)
5) Suitable for universal values (6 points)
6) Not against social, cultural, moral and religious values. (6 points)
7) given in a natural way and should not look artificial. (6 points)

Application for the competition:
Folder name should also be the as above.
The following information has to be written in the word file and has to be given same name of video file.
Name & Surname


Date of Birth

Country where he/she is working

Contact information
e-mail address

Telephone number

Telephone number in Turkey (if any)

Language of instruction

Topic of the lesson

Level of the class which the lecture is given

Used resources

3. The video files and word files(where contact information is written) which have same name has to be put in a folder which should carry same name and send to contest organizing committee.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Lahore Inter-Branches English Declamation Contest

In connection with the "Teachers' Day " celebrations   Inter Branches Declamation Competition was held at PakTurk Asifa Irfan Girls Campus, Lahore.  The topic for the competition wasTeacher Shapes The Mind”participants were selected from all the branches of Lahore under the supervision of their teachers.
The competition allowed the students the freedom to express themselves on the respective topic.  All the students showed great interest and participated actively.
PANEL OF JUDGES:Director The Right School System Ms. Shabana Faisal and  Vice Principal Bahira College Islamabad Ms. Naila Khan were the judges of the contest. 
According to the results, Abdullah Jan from Islampura Campus got the first prize, Dure Fatima from Islampura Campus bagged second prize, and the third prize winner was Maimoona from Asifa Irfan Girls Campus. Special prize was given to Haiqa Riaz from Asifa Irfan Girls Campus Lahore.
Mr. Mehmet Ali ┼×eker, Principal PakTurk Islampura Campus distributed the prizes among the winners. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cambridge English Speaking Examiners Training

After getting the status of approved examination centre for world famous Cambridge English Exams, Speaking Examiners training finished here in PakTurk Islamabad on Sunday. The two-day training program was organized by Cambridge English Language Assessment under supervision of Regional Team Leader Ms. Shireen Iftikhar. The training program was attended by English faculty members of PakTurk from Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar.

After this training, now PakTurk will offer Cambridge English YLE, KET, PET and FCE exams to its students.